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This muscle joint balm is made with movement in mind.  Prana-"Life Force Energy"- is what moves through our body, behind the breath.  It is what keeps us alive, what keeps us going.  When this movement gets trapped in areas of the physical body we create blockage, this trapped energy can then  manifest into physical issues.  Our Prana balm will release this bound up energy and get it moving again so that you can experience relief - literally releasing the issues in your tissues.  Made with camphor, arnica, ginger and copaiba and kicked up with a healthy dose of CBD isolate for extra pain relief.


Full list of ingredients:  Organic olive oil, organic beeswax, organic shea butter, Hemp CBD isolate, menthol, cayenne, camphor, eucalyptus, arnica and a proprietary blend of essential oils.


Directions for use:  Rub topical balm onto area of pain, making sure to distribute on and around area until disolved into the skin.  Keep away from face, eyes, and any other sensitive areas.  Wash hands after use.  For extra relief, try deep breaths- allowing the intention of that breath to go directly into the area of pain.

Muscle Joint Balm 300 mg CBD 2 oz


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